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Valhalla-surf home

Valhalla Surf - handcrafted wooden hand boards for body surfing. Made in Sydney, Australia from sustainably grown Paulownia wood - Australian cedar stringers and recycled wooden skegs - finished with Tung Oil and bees wax to retain the scent and feel of the wood or finished with 6 coats of marine varnish.

Each board is unique and production is limited to no more than 10 boards per month.

....for customers looking for a custom made hand board - please contact Mark by email

We should be able to shape a handboard to your plan shape and rail configuration. Presently we have plain Paulownia and Paulownia with a single cedar stringer in stock. We have also recently managed to lay our hands on a pile of recycled cedar planks which we will be laminating together and shaping.

Our price for a custom board is the same as that listed for those boards for sale on this site and include hand and wrist strap ...length up to 50 cm and width 21 cm.